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Evening 11`/16/22 Scriptural Quote

If I be wicked, why then labour I in vain? Job 929...... Read More
Posted 13 days ago by BrotherDocs

I Am Looking For A Jewish Canadian Princess Because I Can't Get To America Right Now.

YOUTUBE.COM The Jewish American Princess - Beyond the Stereotype Jewish Americans have created some of the world’s most beloved movies and shows. So it might be surprising...... Read More
Posted 13 days ago by wesleyonrot

The Fast and More

My fast ended at 5:07pm. I'm glad I was able to do it. I feel stronger now. My mind has cleared a little. I still have trouble but, as long as I'm better, I'm happy. I also feel closer...... Read More
Posted 13 days ago by MarissaG

Exposición “Día de Muertos” en el Museo de los Yaquis

Para celebrar el tradicional 2 de noviembre de este ao Da se mont la exposicin “Mukilam Taewai” o “Da de Muertos” en la sala de exposiciones del Museo de los Yaquis, en l...... Read More
Posted 13 days ago by arteCajemeart

A Swift Kick to the Shins for Ignorance of Base Linguistics

Friend, oh have I failed my fellow man. But no longer! According to Wikipedia: a paraphrase: #blacklivesmatter became a Twitter thing in 2013. STOP In pretty much all the American idioms called Englis...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by MisterCox

TheAgedMrD-s Post Today -- I couldn't agree more! ...and........

There's NO COMMENTING allowed at "TheAgedMrD", so I honor him by posting his latest here, with my tag line... by TheAgedMrD Category: News & Issues > Politics > News & Opi...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by FedUpToHere

All Queen Elizabeth II Barbie Dolls Are Not Created Alike

We all know Queen Elizabeth II has passed away. And now the race begins to get a Barbie Signature Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee doll. So I want to warn you now before you spend any money on one...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by AmalaTsering


Even the most reputable pollsters neglect the obvious: (1. They do not factor in the voter fraud perpetrated by the left. It’s always there. It’s quantitative, it’s provable and it n...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by TheAgedMrD

Doctor Phillar and the Monster of Bela Doras (Act four Finale.)

The rain had started up again beating softly against the cobblestoned streets of Northwich, Doctor Phillar ushered the young woman inside and called out to Sebastian Mills whom he instructed to saddl...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by rantshack

Crone's Keep - What Was I Thinking?

What Was I Thinking? Indian Summer, that glorious bit of warm, sunny weather that shows up after the first hard frost, has come and gone. We had nearly two weeks of perfect weather - highs in the 70s...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by moptop55

Birthdays, Dates, and Mercyful Fate

So I stayed with my cousin Friday night, which wasn't bad. He had beer and liquor and weed so we did that until the wee hours of the morning. Before going to bed we went to Taco Mac, which is a g...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by Troll2016

Garden weeds are weird

A hot and dry summer and the weeds kept growing. With all the rain we had, only one or two weeds have grown. That is just weird to me how they grow with no water, but not with water. I just came in fr...... Read More
Posted 14 days ago by sfeastbay

Here I is!

OMG!!!!!Getting back in here was a glorious Pain. After finding my other computer fried beyond being able to do anything I had to redo everything. I got me a new/used desktop and have spent the past 3...... Read More
Posted 15 days ago by 4lorac323

John Wick 1,2,3 & 4, Edge of Darkness, Man on Fire…

John Wick, Edge of Darkness, Man on Fire… Saw a commercial advertizing John Wick IV...? Saw the 1st John Wick (on TV) a number of years ago; rented John Wick II and after about 10 minutes turn...... Read More
Posted 15 days ago by tjdonegan

Democrats: if we lose the House, remember we still have hope and things to celebrate (we still have some chance in the house)

Just last week I was talking to a friend from the benighted state of Florida were talking. Let’s call him Frank. Frank is 74 and disabled and has to take an oxygen tank everywhere with him. He...... Read More
Posted 16 days ago by scenefromtheleft

Streaming Reviews November 2022 Part 2

1) "Young Royals"--Netflix--Swedish series--season 2--6 episodes--4 hours & 34 minutes--Synopsis: Prince Willhelm adjusts to life at his boarding school but following his heart is mor...... Read More
Posted 16 days ago by greatmartin

my little "helper" w/pic

I had fun getting back into my sewing supplies, trying to organise some of my fabric and see what I had to work with and find out what I had started with. It's been close to a year since I have w...... Read More
Posted 16 days ago by Zoey-Mae

Faith No More

Faith No More I was simply a lost cause that no one ever missed Living a life that was not supposed to be like this My mother took me to church and taught me to believe Yet for so many years I have si...... Read More
Posted 16 days ago by henevergoesaway

Catching up

It's been awhile since I've posted. Since my last post I have driven in snow, had a bout of intestinal drama, recovered, picked up the pace in my walking. Yeah... the snow was coming down ha...... Read More
Posted 17 days ago by maggiesnextphase


I know I have said it before, but work seems to get busier as times goes by! So for your mid day break check out this video that caught my eye on You Tube! 15 Things Humans Were Never Meant To See A l...... Read More
Posted 17 days ago by Gladiator2013


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